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Small business, the North East Trading Co has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Brand Awards 2017 for Product Innovation (PIA). Currently in their inaugural year, The Australian Brand Awards have been established to identify, recognise and reward Australia’s most innovative consumer products.

Paul Kirwan, Partner, says the award recognises our achievements in the research, design and development of EmberArresta™ valves.

“We are really quite excited about the win. It’s not often a very small business can put their hand up and say that is us, that was all our doing from concept to end product to marketing and being recognised for that at such a high level is a real bonus”, says Paul.

Partners, Tanya and Paul developed EmberArresta™ valves in response to a fire event which threatened their town and surrounding areas.

“During the bush fire, people were enacting their fire plans, but we discovered that many were away from home because of work or other commitments or that they were unable to act because of health or age”, says Paul.

EmberArresta™ valves are designed to protect the home against ember attack during bush fires. Once installed, anyone can access the valves allowing them to fill their guttering with water before the approaching threat of fire. This helps prevent ‘fine fuel’ ignition of debris collected in the guttering and reduces the incidence of fires in the roof space, verandas, patios or attic.

 “We also discovered that many rural properties relied on stored water supplies for not only daily home use but for pets and stock, and even if the home was saved from fire, the fire retardants and poor quality water used to protect the home ended up contaminating the water tanks and storages, leaving the owner with an additional cost of removing and replacing them” informs Paul.

Made from food grade materials and lubricants, EmberArresta™ valves additionally protect stored water supply and water tanks from contamination caused by soot, ash and fire retardants, making them another valuable tool in your fire defence kit.

Available in both 90 mm and 75 mm, EmberArresta™ valves are dual purpose - they can be used as an inline valve or be attached directly to most guttering and gutter outlets.

The valves have a unique sliding seal using food grade lubricants, are UV resistant, and can be painted any colour to suit the property and on top of being cost effective, the new and uniquely designed EmberArresta™ valve has the competitive edge over basic inline valves sometimes available in the market.

 “Today, consumer product companies face ongoing challenges and innovation is key for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Companies that design for consumer behaviour and develop organisational capabilities to drive their innovation activities are more likely to succeed in the marketplace,” Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said.

“In an increasingly social world, consumers have opinions about the things they experience and have more opportunities than ever to express their views regarding the benefit of their experiences.

“Each year the ABA100 Winners are recognised for their commitment to business and product innovation and for their achievements in transforming business practices and end user experiences.

“The Australian Brand Awards are proud to acknowledge the role of these innovative consumer product companies for implementing well-managed industry leading initiatives and for the research and development of high-performing products and services,” Ms Johnston added.

The Australian Brand Awards are a partner program of The Australian Business Awards. The Australian Brand Awards are open to all domestic and international brands available in the Australian consumer marketplace.

The program provides notable opportunities for high-performing organisations which develop innovative consumer products to be acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

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