EmberArresta Installation Video

Video shows installation of a Valve directly to a Gutter Outlet. (Pop)

Prepare Early. Protect your precious stored water supplies from contaminates such as soot, ash, wind borne chemicals and fire retardants by confining them to the guttering and roof area. An correctly installed and painted Valve when closed prior to a fire event will allow the homeowner or professional, after the fire threat or ember attack has passed to divert  and clean the guttering and roof area of contaminates without affecting clean stored water or the integrity of the storage tanks themselves.

Retro-fitting EmberArresta Valves

The purpose of Retro-fitting EmberArresta Valves is to increase the level of protection of your family and home as well as reduce risk and improve overall safety during extreme adverse weather conditions experienced during Bush Fire and Ember Attack. Retro-fitting valves is an easy process, even if all your guttering and downpipes have been in place for years, or simply needs some repair or even an upgrade.

Remember, approximately eighty percent or more of homes and dwellings caught in Bush Fires are lost due to Ember Attack.

When considering the installation of Valves to Gutter Outlets or Downpipes of any type or size, you need to make some of the following observations as a minimum;

  • Check the overall condition of your guttering, outlets, downpipes and colour - There may be existing leaks or damage that needs to be sealed or repaired. (A good Adhesive Sealant will help).
  • Note the size of outlets and downpipes and how many you have. (Generally 90mm)
  • Decide where you need to install the Valves - Directly to the outlet or outlets, inline the downpipe or a combination of both.
  • Consider accessibility in an emergency when deciding placement of the Valves.
  • Be aware of the surroundings near the valve installation points you have chosen, they may be close to vegetation and as a result an optional Radiant Heat Shield may be required to help protect the valve from Radiant Heat generated by an approaching Fire.
  • To help protect your stored water supplies (Rain Water), also ensure that the entry points to your tanks are well sealed as well. This will stop Airborne contaminates from entering and polluting precious stored water.
    • If for example, Fire Retardants enter your water storages, you may lose both the Tanks and the Water in them to contamination.

Once you have decided where the valves are to be installed, ensure you have the valves to hand as well as the correct Tools, Paint, Adhesive, Wall or Post Brackets, Plumbing Glue and Primer before you start working on your guttering. It's always easier to paint them first then remove each downpipe and refit them from the top down, installing the new EmberArresta valve in the desired position(s). Always allow for the depth of the valve body (top & bottom) when measuring the cuts to be made into the existing downpipe to allow valve installation and ensure you have Adaptors or Elbows to reset the downpipe at the correct height.

​Remember the EmberArresta valve can be an important addition to your Fire Defence Kit and used in conjuction with an Ember Defender or similar sprinkler system or with an Ember Guard or similar leaf screen, they can together, form a substantial part of your Bush Fire Defence at Home. ​
When installing, ensure brackets are placed near the valves, either just above or just below to give added support to the downpipes. If you have different sized pipe or outlets, simply use an Adaptor that can be obtained cheaply and easily from any Hardware and or Plumbing store or make a Spacer from materials already at hand.
A good Adhesive Sealant can also be used to seal valves to outlets and downpipes as well as to downpipe made from different materials such as Copper, Galv/Tin, Aluminium  ect.

Be Bush Fire Ready