EmberArresta Valve & “Fine Fuels”

February 14, 2016

The EmberArresta Gutter Outlet and or Downpipe Valve can help you neutralize the threat of Fine Fuels igniting during a fire event. Fine Fuel can be made up of any form of flammable airborne materials such as leaf litter of all types, seeds, bark, grass fibre even rubbish and when mixed with an atmosphere filled with Embers and additional airborne fuels during a fire event the result can be catastrophic. These fuels once built up, can ignite in​ an instant during an Ember Attack or from Radiant Heat alone from an approaching fire. During these adverse conditions your roof area can become engulfed in flames. Fire and Embers can also be drawn into the roof space and once there will quickly contribute to the loss of the structure.
Installing an EmberArresta Valve(s) will allow you to quickly and safely fill your guttering to your desired level, well before the fire threat or Ember attack thus eliminating the chance of debris in your guttering from igniting.

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Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire Ember Attack

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Geoff Mitcham

The upper balcony of my home overlooks a national park, the views are lovely but the risk of fire is real! In the past i have had to climb up onto my roof more than 20 ft off the ground to block my gutters, with the new EmberArresta valve i can safely stay on the balcony and simply close the valve from there using the broom handle to easily reach and close it., much quicker and safer than climbing on the roof. Because of the close proximity to the house of the trees and scrub, the heat shield when attached gives great piece of mind that the valve will stand up to the test.

Geoff Mitcham
Seacliff Park SA

Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit

Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country.

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