Precious Stored Water Supplies

May 26, 2016

Precious Stored Water;

Use your EmberArresta valves to protect your precious stored water supplies. Once valves are painted and installed you have control over what goes into your storage tanks and when. By closing your valves early and filling your gutters with water you are helping to prevent fine fuel ignition caused by Ember Attack and you are putting another fire defence mechanism in place well before the fire threat and protecting precious water supplies from being contaminated by airborne soot, ash, fine plant litter, debris, various chemical fire retardants and poor quality water that is frequently used to fight fires from the air with helicopters, light aircraft, heavy jet and prop driven bombers and with ground appliances that may also use additional substances such as foam, dry powder, various types of liquid extinguishers or recycled water, none of these things you want in your stored water supply or storage tanks be they made of poly, steel, galv or even bladder type and lined storages, they will all have to be cleaned professionally or even disconnected, loaded, transported and disposed of once contaminated.

Products used to fight fire may include;

  • Raw Water (highly saline or poor quality bore water)
  • Chemical Retardants (used by aircraft & ground appliances)
  • Foam Retardants
  • Sea Water
  • Lake Water
  • Stock & Dam Water
  • Reservoir Water
  • Recycled Water with varying degrees of quality
  • Pool Water (various chemicals)
  • Mains Water Supplies

With contaminates confined to the guttering and roof area’s you can at your leisure, once the fire threat has passed, then assess the contaminates and then decide on the best course of action. Either redirect, clean and or flush away the contaminates from your roof and guttering in to a designated disposal unit or if the contaminates are non-toxic and harmless you may simply want to flush the downpipes and roof area into the garden or lawn. Thus saving water storage tanks and your water supply from being lost. Always make sure the roof, gutters and downpipes are clean before you reconnect the system to your storages.

Insurance companies are increasingly rejecting claims for damaged or contaminated storages as well as the costs of transport, removal and dumping costs especially when the home owner has not taken reasonable steps to protect their assets by doing some of the simple thinks like installing valves, sprinkler systems, gutter guards, not doing general maintenance and failing to seal the intake points of the water storage tanks and many other tasks that can and easily be performed by the homeowner.

Remember the EmberArresta Valve can be an important addition, another tool in your Fire Defence Kit and used in conjunction with an Ember Defender or similar sprinkler system or with an Ember Guard or similar leaf screen, they can together form a substantial part of your Bushfire home Defence. Bushfire and Wildfire can leave whole districts without power and mains water for days after the fire threat has passed so for anyone relying on stored water supplies, the one thing above all else that you will need when you return home is your own clean fresh supply of stored water.

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Jack Davis

As a retiree living in Tee Tree Gully i love the trees, birds and occasional visit from koalas and kangaroos but the worry of bush fires during the hot months has had me on the roof blocking and flooding gutters two or three times a year, the new EmberArretsa Valve fitted to either the gutter outlet or downpipe makes this sometimes dangerous task simple and safe to use from the ground, i have recently had a hip replacement and can still help to protect my home..

Jack Davis
Tee Tree Gully, SA

Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit

Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country.

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