90mm Heat Shield Twin Pack


This is a pack of 2 x 90mm Heat Shields which can be fitted and used to protect the Ember Arresta ™ 90 mm Gutter Outlet & Downpipe Valve from Radiant Heat generated in the event of an approaching Bushfire or Wildfire. These can be clipped on and easily rotated to face the exposed side of the valve. Once positioned they are secured by screw clamps!
What is more important than to protect your valuable Home and Property from the Ravages of Bushires. This Heat Shield will protect your Gutter & Downpipe Valve and enable it to continue doing it's job in the protection of your home.

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This is a pack of 2 x 90mm Heat Shields for use with the 90mm Ember Arresta™  Gutter Outlet & Downpipe Valve.
This easily fitted accessory will protect the Valve from Radiant Heat generated when there is danger from approaching fire.
Constructed of 2 x.8mm Steel, Zinc Plated, Powder Coated, and  in Heritage Cream, This Heat Shield will assist in the protection of your Gutter & Downpipe Valves and therefore your Home and Property.

“Another Valuable Tool  in your Fire Defence Kit"

Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit

Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late   >   ORDER NOW Protect Your family > Be Bushfire Ready

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