90mm Valve with Heat Shield


This is a single and complete 90 mm EmberArresta™ Valve unit with radiant Heat Shield for use with 90mm Gutter Outlets or Downpipes. Developed with the advantage of experience and first hand knowledge of BushfireS the EmberArresta ™ Gutter Outlet and OR Downpipe Valve system can be another important part of your fire preparations strategy.
These Valves are engineered for sturdiness and ease of operation and installation.

Categories: 90mm Range

This is a single EmberArresta™ Gutter and Downpipe Valve fitted with a heat shield for use on 90mm gutter outlets downpipes and is used to seal the gutters so that they can be filled to a desired level with water in the event of an approaching fire front or impending ember attack.

  • Allows Gutters to be filled with water safely by anyone.
  • Helps prevent & protect property from Ember Attacks.
  • Prevents “Fine Fuel” Ignition in Gutters.
  • Helps prevent Embers from entering the Roof Space
  • Allows the property owner to put in place an additional fire defence mechanism whether they stay and defend or travel to safety.
  • Prevents stored water supplies (Rain Water) from being contaminated with Soot, Ash, Air Borne Contaminants, Debris and Chemical Fire Retardants.
  • Valve Body – Made from UPVC, uv protected
  • Engineered Seals
  • Compatible with urethane, adhesive silicones, and PVC solvent adhesives
  • Adhesive Sealant – Not Included
  • Includes Heat Shield – Constructed of 2 x.8mm Steel, Zinc Plated, powder coated, and in Heritage Cream.

“Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit”

Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit

Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country.

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