Help Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack



  • Fill your Guttering safely and early, well before an approaching Ember Attack or fire threat.
  • All components made from Food Grade Materials & Lubricants.
  • Unique Sliding Seal that can be locked in the open position.
  • UV Stabalised Valve Body & Seal – UV Tested – ISO 4892-2, SAE J 2527 & SAE J 2412 + Solar Radiation.
  • Optional Radiant Heat Shields available, Suit both 75 & 90mm Valves.
  • Optional Radiant Heat Shields: 2 x .8mm Steel, Zinc Plated and Powder Coated  Heritage Cream.
  • Protect your Stored Water Supplies. (Confines contaminants to the roof area & guttering… Soot, Ash, Fire Retardants & Chemicals etc)
  • Prevent “Fine Fuel”Ignition in Gutters & help prevent Embers from entering the Roof Space
  • Can be Easily & Safely closed and opened without having to climb a ladder in adverse conditions.
  • Ultrasonically Welded – No Leachable Solvents.
  • Fit direct to Downpipe (downspout) suits materials such as PVC, Galvanised, Copper and or Aluminium.

    Valve Dimensions;
    90mm Valve - 185mm High, 250mm Long, 120mm Wide
    75mm Valve - 155mm High, 220mm Long, 100mm Wide


  • Use as an Inline Valve. Anywhere along the Downpipe(s).
  • Allows Gutters to be filled with water to the desired level safely by anyone. Stop Fine Fuel Ignition in Guttering.
  • Help prevent & protect property from Ember Attack and Radiant Heat.
  • Prevent “Fine Fuel” Ignition in Gutters. Leaf Litter and wind borne debris.
  • Use Spacers & Adaptors to fit any size or shape of Gutter Outlet & or Downpipe.
  • Help extinguish Embers from entering the Roof Space when guttering is full of water.
  • Use as Water Diversion Valves for cleaning, flushing or redirecting to multiple storages, or redirecting away.
  • Use a Radiant Heat Shield if there is vegetation or flammable materials close the home or building.
  • Allows the property owner to put in place an additional fire defence mechanism whether they stay and defend or leave early.
  • Prevents  precious stored water supplies (Rain, Bore or Dam waterstored in Tanks)  from being contaminated with Soot, Ash, Air Borne Contaminants, Debris, Poor Quality Water and Chemical Fire Retardants.


  1. Lower half of Valve Body
  2. Curved Sliding Seal – Push/Pull
  3. Seal Receiver(s) – Layered Seals
  4. Upper Half of Valve Body
  5. Engineered Seals
  6. Radiant Heat Shield – To Suit 90 or 75mm Units
  • Product Packaging – (Selected Locations)
  • Pre-assembled:  Cannot be taken apart. UV Stabalised  PVC , Ultrasonically Welded, Minimum Maintenance.




  • 90 & 75 mm ” EmberArresta” valve units are available.
  • 90 & 75 mm Heat Shields are available
  • 90 & 75mm Spare O-Rings are available

Easily and quickly install valves directly into your Downpipes.

Fitting Valves to varying Gutter Outlet sizes and shapes can be accommodated by simply making Spacers and using Adaptors that are available from any of your local Hardware Outlets.

** Use a good quality Adhesive Sealant to attach the EmberArresta™ Valve to the Gutter Outlet (Pop).


UV Stabalised Valve Body & Seal – UV Tested – ISO 4892-2, SAE J 2527 & SAE J 2412 + Solar Radiation.
Specially made Food Grade Seals.
Compatible with Urethane, Adhesive Silicons, and PVC Solvent Adhesives.
Ultrasonically Welded, no Leachable Solvents.
Screws – (Not Included) – 3mm Stainless Self Tapping -15-20 mm Long or similar.
2 x .8mm Steel, Zinc Plated, Powder Coated optional Heat Shields.
** Adhesive Sealant – (Not Included).

** Use a good quality Adhesive Sealant to seal Valve(s) when attaching directly to Gutter Outlet(s).


  • Ensure you use ample Adhesive when installing Valves & or Adaptors to Ribbed or Patterned Downpipes / Downspouts.
  • When using as an In-line Valve make sure you have enough elevation between the Gutter and any Storage Tank(s).
  • Use Adaptors (Available from all Hardware Stores) if the Gutter Outlet is larger than the Valve or of a different shape. (Larger than 90mm round) or Square, Rectangle, Oval.
  • The Valves can be fitted to PVC, Galv, Aluminium and other material type Gutter Outlets and Downpipes as well. Always use a good quality Adhesive Sealant and apply lots of it to provide a good Seal when fixing directly to Gutter Outlets (Pops).
  • Use a clear Adhesive for the best looking finish.* Selection of some Adhesives;- Selly’s – All Clear- Sikaflex® – Fix AU– Fuller – Silicone Sealant- Viking – Silicone Sealant- Soudal T Rex- Silicone Sealant’
  • If you don’t have a height issue (Outlet to Water Storage) you could in some individual circumstances use a 75mm Valve(s) a (cut your own) Spacer and a 90mm Adaptor to fit to a 90mm Gutter Outlet(s).
  • Use a Stand-off Bracket / Wall-plate / Pipe-Strap or Saddle to Stabilise the Downpipe near to the Valve as possible.
  • Although the Valve is UV stabilized, if possible position the Valves Green Sliding Seal away from the harshest afternoon sunlight to help with longevity. (Painting the Valve is also a good option)
  • Use a small lock in the provided lock holes (In the green sliding seal) to help prevent accidental closure and practical jokers.
  • Valve: Using screws for additional support when fixing to the Gutter Outlet – You can use any Self-Tapping screw or Tek screws preferably with “O” ring.
  • Always place a “dob” of Sealant over and around any screw heads.
  • When attaching an Optional Heat Shield, once positioned, the Clamps need only be tightened firmly. (No need to over tighten).
  • The Heat Shield(s) can be attached by rotating the Clips so the Shield can be fixed (tightened) from the front. If however there is enough room between the Fascia & Valve, the Clips can remain in place and be tightened as is.

For more information download our selection of PDF Documents from the Home Page and below.

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Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire Ember Attack

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Jack Davis

As a retiree living in Tee Tree Gully i love the trees, birds and occasional visit from koalas and kangaroos but the worry of bush fires during the hot months has had me on the roof blocking and flooding gutters two or three times a year, the new EmberArretsa Valve fitted to either the gutter outlet or downpipe makes this sometimes dangerous task simple and safe to use from the ground, i have recently had a hip replacement and can still help to protect my home..

Jack Davis
Tee Tree Gully, SA

Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit

Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country.

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