Help Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

EmberArresta ™  Handy Hints

  • Install directly anywhere In-line the Downpipe. Can also be attached directly to most gutter styles - *OG, Half Round & similar are not suitable. 
  • It is a good idea to spray paint your valve, it can be any color you like. As always use a good quality product primer and apply 2 coats. (Avoid​ painting the sliding "green" seal inside the Valve body).
  • Ensure you use ample amounts of Adhesive when installing Valve or Adaptors to Ribbed or Patterned Downpipes / Downspouts.
  • Before installing a Valve make sure you have enough elevation between the Gutter and any Water Storage Tank(s) you may have.
  • Use Adaptors (Available from all Hardware Stores) if the Gutter Outlet is larger than the Valve or of a different shape. (Larger than 90mm round) or Square – Rectangle- Oval.
  • The Gutter Outlet may be larger than the Valve (Larger than 90mm round) or; Square-Rectangle- Oval. Simply use an adaptor.
  • The Valves can be fitted to Galv and other material type Gutter Outlets and Downpipes as well, again just use a good quality Adhesive and apply lots of it to provide a good Seal when fixing direct to Gutter Outlets.
  • Use a clear Adhesive for the best looking dried finish.* Selection of some Adhesives;- Selly’s – All Clear- Sikaflex® – Fix AU– Fuller – Silicone Sealant- Viking – Silicone Sealant- Soudal T Rex- Silicone Sealant’ - plumfix Roof & Gutter Sealant.
  • If you don’t have a height issue (Outlet to Water Storage) you could in some individual circumstances use a 75mm Valve(s) a (cut your own) Spacer and a 90mm Adaptor to fit to a 90mm Gutter Outlet(s).
  • The Valve can be hidden or camouflaged with pot plants, hanging plants and pots, painted or behind a shingle or other ornament. (see Photos)
  • Use a Stand-off Bracket / Wall-plate / Pipe-Strap or Saddle to Stabilise the Downpipe near to the Valve as possible.
  • The Valve is UV stabilized and can handle direct sunlight, but for additional longevity painting the valve will help prolong its life..
  • Use a small lock in the provided lock holes (In the green sliding seal) to help prevent accidental closure and practical jokers.
  • Valve: Using screws for additional support when fixing to the Gutter Outlet – You can use any Self-Tapping screw or Tek screws preferably with “O” ring.
  • Always place a “dob” of Sealant over and around the screw heads.
  • When attaching Optional Heat Shield, once positioned, the Clamps need only be tightened firmly. (No need to over tighten).
  • The Optional Heat Shield(s) can be attached by rotating the Clips so the Shield can be fixed (tightened) from the front. If however there is enough room between the Fascia & Valve, the Clips can remain in place and be tightened as is.

    Valve Dimensions;
    90mm Valve - 185mm High, 250mm Long, 120mm Wide
    75mm Valve - 155mm High, 220mm Long, 100mm Wide

For more information download our selection of PDF Documents from the Home Page.

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Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire Ember Attack

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Geoff Mitcham

The upper balcony of my home overlooks a national park, the views are lovely but the risk of fire is real! In the past i have had to climb up onto my roof more than 20 ft off the ground to block my gutters, with the new EmberArresta valve i can safely stay on the balcony and simply close the valve from there using the broom handle to easily reach and close it., much quicker and safer than climbing on the roof. Because of the close proximity to the house of the trees and scrub, the heat shield when attached gives great piece of mind that the valve will stand up to the test.

Geoff Mitcham
Seacliff Park SA

Another Valuable Tool in your Fire Defence Kit

Protect your Family & Property from Bushfire & Ember Attack

Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country.

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